Top of the best dogs in video games

Man’s best friend. The revelation of a four-legged companion for Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain made us realize that while the Internet belongs to cats, video games have more than one canine to promote. Thanks in part to Nintendogs.

But this TOP is not about hairballs just there to catch a Frisbee and let yourself be caressed. We are talking about warriors, musicians, snoopers, deities and even dogs who embarrass us when we play badly.

Do you know who we’re talking about? You have other names that come to mind, since this ranking is, as usual, not the absolute truth? The comments are there to help you share. Without showing the teeth, please.

Have a good reading!

5. Riley – Call of Duty : Ghosts

Unveiled during the Xbox One reveal on May 21, 2013 and the presentation of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Riley’s presence was greeted in a rather unexpected way. This German shepherd motion captured, both support and playable during the campaign literally stole the show thanks to the magic of the Internet. It didn’t take long before a parodic account (CollarDuty) became Twitter’s new darling and the lol spread. Normal.

4. Peter Puppy – Earthworm Jim

Remember that little knotty protection mission in the first part of the space earthworm adventures? And the rescue bouncing dozens of puppies in the aftermath? Peter Puppy is above all a loving face: a pink and kind dog, a friend of the hero. But there’s a bone. If he’s hurt or scared, he turns into a creature that, like the Hulk, will start hitting anything that moves, indiscriminately. This sometimes becomes difficult to manage.

3. Mira – Silent Hill 2

If you have read the TOP dedicated to the purposes, you may already know this Shiba Inu. Otherwise, reminder: Mira is, in a hidden end of Silent Hill 2, the real brains behind the operations. James Sunderland enters a room where he discovers that Mira organized everything, with legged controllers and headsets screwed to his ears. Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense, like that credit song. Note that she will return in Silent Hill Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

2. Wonder Dog

A superhero dog may not be the first time we’ve seen it. But we must acknowledge Wonder Dog, an alien sent from planet K-9 to Earth thinking he has found a master and finally abandoned on the side of the road, with an incredible charm. Years before Lara Croft, Core Design already knew how to add a sexy touch to her characters.

1. Sant’Angelo di Roma – Final Fantasy VIII

We could have mentioned Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII or Interceptor from Final Fantasy VI. But how can we not give priority to Angelo, inspired by the dog of a colleague of Tetsuya Nomura’s? Female Australian Shepherd Dog, despite a male name, she acts as Rinoa’s ally in battle and appears quite epic through Limit Breaks to learn from Pet Pals Magazine. And all this is way too cute. My favorite! I found the game on a platform of second-hand products.